Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where is Mae Bae? A Late Night Search...

I knew that Mae was in the room last night when I opened the door to check on her before slipping into bed, I just couldn't find her.  I could hear her quite, deep, toddler breathing and I carefully peered down towards my feet in the darkness, moving slowly as I tried not to step on her.  It was 11:30 and after finding her crib empty (for a moment I'd thought she was in the blankets) I was on a Mae Bae hunt.  I checked behind the crib.  No toddler there.  I checked under the little play table.  No Mae Bae slumbering there.  I picked up a pile of blankets that had fallen to the ground.  She wasn't there either.

Before checking the tiny closet I moved a little closer to Sadie's bed, where one preschooler sized form seemed to be asleep.  And I saw her.  Sadie was curled into a ball tucked inside of a blanket and Mae Bae was stretched out perpendicular across the pillow at the top of the bed.

I left them there, fairly certain that moving Mae back to her crib would just result in more late night climbing escapades, with a sleepy two year old dangling over the edge of the crib in the dark, trying to find her way back across the room.  And they both slept through the night (a rare occurrence with all the changes that have gone on recently).  If sleeping in the same bed means sleeping through the night, I'm enthusiastically okay with it.

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  1. Maybe Mae Babe and Sadie should sleep in the same bed from now on, Or at least until she gets tired of that. Sleeping with your sister isn't a bad thing. And it might mean not having to have a new crib for Patrick when he old enough to sleep in a crib. Not to mention fewer perilous climbs out of the crib for Mae which means less stress for mommy.


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