Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Random Thoughts as I Unpack

This will be one of those random stream of consciousness posts, since at the moment my thoughts are bouncing around (mostly from room to room in our home) without actually settling very well on any one subject (except perhaps to proclaim: "What on earth is wrong with people these days?!?!?!").  You see my to do list is feeling as if it's increasingly scattered as we slowly creep towards being unpacked, and my thoughts are similarly scattered.

Here we go:

I've reached that point in pregnancy where reaching forward far enough to tie my shoes has suddenly become a major challenge that is bordering on the impossible.  27 1/2 weeks.  Did it happen this early last time?  I can't remember.  I do know that the house having a bathroom on the second floor (behind a baby gate) is a major pregnancy challenge.  I'm feeling like I waddle from room to room these days.

Sadie's allergies seem to be increasing rapidly.  I'm very ready to get her in to see someone about them.  The new car seat still causes a reaction (although not nearly as severe, possibly because it's wrapped in blankets and she's medicated half the time...).  And now her bed is apparently an allergen too (through the sheets).  I feel like I should be buying stock in diphenhydramine at the moment.  I'm getting really good at running for benadryl really, really quickly, but the varying reactions are pretty scary at their most severe.

Mae Bae can no longer be confined to her crib.  The second I put her into it she swings over the edge and runs across the room.  Then she does one of two things.  She either lays down and kicks the door or she finds her Dora book and sits in the middle of the room and reads it to herself.  I tried letting her sleep with the book but apparently that isn't a satisfactory compromise.  Bedtime was especially tearful this morning when I wouldn't bend on letting her stay up...

Not that anyone was going to be sleeping anytime soon in our house anyway.  The neighbors had blocked off a side street and there was a garage band type group blasting music so loud that you could easily have heard it for blocks.  It was incredibly loud inside our house... the cops showed up (and no, I didn't call them), hung out for a while and left.  Thankfully the music stopped at 9.  I'm hoping this isn't an every Tuesday thing.

I tried to take on sewing room unpacking, but had little luck.  It was all the little fabric scraps that I just can't bring myself to throw out that got to me in the end.  However, despite it's smaller size, I think that this is going to be the greatest office so far.  I'm putting some of my pinterest ideas to work!

I'm in love with the fact that we haven't used a heater or air conditioner since we arrived here.  There's a lovely breeze that blows through the house and keeps everything right around 73 (for now at least).  I have a new found appreciation for not having an air conditioner running 24/7 just to keep the house from feeling sweltering (and to keep our belongings from molding).

 Now to get some sleep.  Tomorrow I'll be on step closer to being unpacked!  


  1. Poor Sadie. It's awful to have allergies. I found this post that talks about getting rid of your allergies through diet. I thought you might want to read it: http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/heal-your-autoimmune-disease-now/ I know that my allergies literaly went away when I stopped eating grains and resumed when I indulged in the same foods again. I hope you can get this solved. It must be so frustrating.

    I envy your nice temps. It's going to be over 100 again today and humid. I think this will be day 9. Ugh.

  2. A couple thoughts on Sadie's allergies: 1. Has she received any vaccines recently? Sometimes they can suddenly trigger new allergies. 2. Maybe washing the new car seat cover a few times will help remove some of the excess toxins, making it a bit less allergenic for her? 3. Ugh. I HATE that mattresses need to be fire resistant. Do you know that it is federal law that all mattresses need to be so fire retardant that you can hold a blowtorch to them? It might be the same chemical in the mattress as the car seat that is causing Sadie's allergy. Bromine compounds are commonly used as fire retardants, but there are many others as well. And mattress manufacturers are NOT required to say what fire retardants they use, so you may never find out. While they are a bit pricey, I would suggest a natural latex mattress topper, which should be free of chemical fire retardants. That way she doesn't have to sleep directly on top of her allergen. Poor girl. :(


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