Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Nursery

Yesterday before nap time I put the baby boy clothes that I've been collecting away into their cute little red drawers, in the tiny baby dresser, and the nursery is now officially completed.

The nursery is actually the largest of the bedrooms in our house (by far).  But since two beds and a crib needed to fit in, along with toys and clothes, it seemed like the only sensible option.  We're pretty happy with the outcome.  And Mae Bae has moved over into her big girl bed, and having made the transition, is now sleeping through the night again (after a week of really struggling with it)!

There you have it.  I'm still rounding up the last few boxes that need to be sorted and go down to the basement (most of the work that remains is in the "Master Bedroom."  I'm ready for that extra nesting energy to kick in.  It hasn't quite arrived yet.


  1. Hey Cam, the nursery looks great!!

    Okay so I have a question! My husband and I have two boys - one is 18mo and the other just 4 weeks. The 18mo old sleeps in a crib in his own room, and he sleeps through the night. The 4 week old is still sleeping in our room (and probably will for the next few months, until we transition him to another room and a full crib). do you get toddlers/babies to sleep together in the same room when they're used to sleeping alone? Any tips? Thanks so much!!

  2. That reminds me of our "boys' room." But it has a crib and 2 toddler beds. The headboards of the toddler beds are pushed up to share a corner of the wall together (leaving a square shaped gap behind the 2 headboards where the corner is). They throw all their teddies back there and use it as a hiding place :)

    It looks cute! Good thing the walls are a light blue so he won't be totally surrounded by pink :)


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