Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mae Bae: Still Not Impressed...

There's a ride at one of Sadie's favorite stores in Michigan that costs one penny per ride.  She is a big fan (and thus it make Meijer her favorite store after Hobby Lobby, since nothing can beat staring wistfully at doll houses).  While she rides she sings the song from the beginning of Sleeping Beauty:

We thought that Mae would be excited too.  She loves riding on the rocking horse at home.

Instead... she actually seemed pretty embarrassed.  

As if she wanted to shout after ten seconds:  "Mom, Dad, I've had enough... get me off of this thing..."

She definitely wasn't impressed:

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  1. Belle and Baby had similar reactions to the Meijer horse here. It'll change, esp. when Mae realizes that Sadie got to ride the horse ALL THOSE TIMES more than she did. ;-)


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