Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spartan School Spirit

I have to say, one of the neatest things about this town (and there are plenty of things I like!) is the level of school spirit.  I've never lived anyplace like this before.  Sure there was school spirit, but it was usually mixed with a healthy dose of embarrassment as if everybody thought it was kind of un-cool to be that enthusiastic about anything.

This town doesn't seem to have that problem.  We went to the grocery store and it was filled with Spartan t-shirts.  Teenagers in Spartan t-shirts.  College students.  Families even.  "Is it game day?" I whispered to Paul, fairly certain that we were still a week off.  No, it wasn't.  People were just getting back into the spirit of things.  

And Sadie?  

She's a fan:  


  1. Its the same here in Idaho. The BSU Broncos are huge here and no one is afraid to show the team spirit. I figure its because there aren't really any professional teams to root for in this state.

  2. Welcome to BIg 10 country!

    We went to a couple of Indiana Univ. games when daughter #1 and (now) SIL were there for undergrad. Despite the fact that IU is a perennial bottom-dweller in the conference, folks were enthusiastic and had a great time on game days; very nice Midwestern vibe. I far prefer it to the SEC insanity down here.



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