Monday, August 20, 2012

Braun Movers of Michigan: Making our Move Much Easier!

As you may have noticed after my last post, the experience of having our belongings packed up in Naples wasn't really a great one.  I was less than impressed by the movers that we'd hired there and, if that had been my only experience hiring movers, would likely have insisted we do it on our own against next time (which Paul would not have been thrilled with....).

So as we entered Michigan and one of the movers who was scheduled to unload the truck called to confirm the time, I was a little skeptical about how things would go.  Would it be a repeat of Florida?

We met with Braun Movers, and they were friendly and professional and then Paul loaded the girls into the van and sent us on our way to have lunch and stay away from the house for as long as we possibly could.  I looked forward to what I was certain would at least be a long four hour stretch with a four year old and a two year old who had basically been cooped up in a car for the better part of two weeks.

The girls and I went out to pizza and then headed over to a strip of shops next to the University to find a birthday present for Paul.  We'd gone to one store and I was dazed at the idea of more time out with the two little ruffians, as Sadie poked at Mae Bae and Mae Bae, from her stroller managed to execute a Olympic looking wrestling move that was quite impressive, putting Sadie into an uncomfortable looking hold (upside down!!!) while Sadie said "Mae Bae is hugging me too tight" and other shoppers stared and I tried to pry them apart and pay at the same time.  And then my phone rang.

It was Paul.  Jokingly I asked if we could come home yet (it had only been around two hours) because our girls were acting like the kind of kids that make college students say:  "See that! That's why I'm never having kids!"

And then he said:  "Not quite yet."  Followed by:  "Well it looks like they're just about done."  At which point I almost started jumping up and down in relief, because I'd expected a minimum of another two hours of "fun" distracting the girls from the fact that we still weren't home.

Mae Bae passed out on the drive home (I guess all that wrestling wore her out) and Paul came out to the car and carried her to the play pen in the middle of the dining room.  The guys from Braun Moving were just finishing up the last few boxes and were actually so quiet and efficient that Mae Bae slept through the end of the move, while Sadie bounced around on the couch and I tried to keep her from diving in front of anyone.

I was amazed at how quickly and neatly Braun Moving had done the job!  The boxes were stacked in the rooms that I'd labeled them for, in a sensible way (the heavier boxes were actually on the bottom!).

And then to my horror I realized that we didn't have internet in the house and that in all the rush of the past few days I'd forgotten to write down their payment code, since we'd paid through U-haul.  Thankfully the movers were incredibly understanding, and said it wasn't a problem at all, and that we could call with the information (which saved me another trip out to find a cafe with internet access and access my email account).

We thanked them and felt incredibly lucky to have found such great movers.

As we walked around the neighborhood looking at foreclosures and visiting Open Houses yesterday, Paul mentioned that he would definitely want to hire Braun Moving the next time we move (which will hopefully be in the next twelve months into a house of our very own) even if it's into the beautiful little house that's for sale across the street from us.  I agreed.  When you have professionals that know what they're doing, it can make moving much more pleasant!

And that's why I just had to share the name of our movers (and phone number: 517-410-9709) for any of you who are in or around Lansing that need a mover.  They made the experience so much better than what I'd expected and I'd definitely love to be able to pass that on to any other families that are moving around here!


  1. Yay! I love happy testimonials! Be sure to let them know you did this - and maybe C&P it onto a site like Yelp to help boost their business.


    So glad it was such a great experience for you. You guys deserve a smooth transition after the insanity of your last move.

  2. Yay I'm so happy! Getting good service is so rare these days, it's definitely cause for take a nap to celebrate! :D
    Also - loved your description of Mae's choke hold and Sadie's very polite "Mae's hugging me too tight" - they're so funny!!


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