Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Chilly Day and the Pillow House!

I almost forgot how much fun it is to build forts, particularly on days when it's so chilly that we can't go outside for very long. Here's the reason we've been stuck indoors.

Hopefully the pictures big enough that you can see that this tree is frozen solid! It's really cold!

I get Sadie all bundled up to go outside and layer her stroller with blankets, but she's interested in pretty much everything other than staying warm. She pushes her blankets off and rips her hat off her head. In a matter of minutes her nose is pink and her fingers are ice cubes! So it's back inside where she's mastering the fine art of fort building. She's only in the beginning stages of fort building so far (pillow forts), but at the rate she's going they may take over the entire house. Luckily Nani makes beautiful pillow cases, so the pillow houses are pretty to look at. Here's on of the latest pillow houses (with a box we brought home from Costco that Sadie snagged and spent a large part of the afternoon sitting in).

Oatmeal Bear joins Sadie in the pillow house and they plot taking over the living room.

Sadie peaks out to see if she's being watched! It appears that others have noticed her plans of living room domination and are determined to stop her before there isn't a single clear path through the room!

She begins to blow kisses in an attempt to distract us!

It works! Everyone falls under the Sadie spell and she takes over the entire house, filling every nook and cranny with her Pillow Houses!

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