Friday, October 23, 2009

A Serious Little Eater

Sadie is serious about food and her tastes are starting to take after Mommy's. She loves artichokes (which I think is a funny thing for a little kid to love) and actually took a bite of a marinated garlic clove yesterday and ate it happily. She also loves dill pickles and green olives. Tonight at dinner she was having cheesy noodles and the rest of us were having pork ribs (she was sharing my artichoke with me). She started pointing over and over again to the ribs and making her little "ah" sound which is the sound she makes when she sees something she's interested in or wants. I wasn't sure she would like the ribs because they are a little spicy (and slathered in barbeque sauce). She ate a piece off of the bone and then sat next to me saying "yum, yum, yum." After that she continued to point to the ribs and even got Grumpa to give her another piece after everyone had finished eating.

Here are some Sadie eating pictures! She looks serious but lately she really does seem to love everything we put in front of her. I like this phase!

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