Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sadie's Day

What Sadie would tell you if she was old enough to write (or even talk)!

Hi Everybody,

This is Sadie and I am the guest blogger for the night. I told Mommy that I should get to tell my side of the story once in a while, since my name is in the title and today I have a lot to say. I talk and talk and talk although sometimes I feel like no one understands what I’m saying!

You are not going to believe what my Mommy did today! We went to town and on the way home I fell asleep. We had gone to a lot of different stores and I was pretty good. I pointed at all the toys, but I didn’t cry at all, even when Mommy and Daddy refused to bring home the giant-real-pony-sized-horse at Costco.

After we got home Mommy decided to “do my nails.” I’m okay with her doing my fingernails, but she knows that I absolutely hate it when she does my toes. Well, I sat perfectly still while she did my hands, but then she grabbed hold of one of my feet. I gave a scream and tried to kick my feet, but she still got eight of my toes (I thought she was going to take my pinkie toe clear off!).

At least we’re finished with that for a while. She shouldn’t try again for a couple of weeks and I’m getting bigger and faster, so maybe next time I see her getting the clippers out I’ll be able to make my escape before she can catch me.

Anyways, then I chased the cats a little and felt much better. I’m pretty good at running up and catching their tails now. It’s good that I’m getting so fast because for some reason they’ve started to run when they see me coming!


Sadie Kate

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