Saturday, October 17, 2009

Late Day Naps

Today seemed like a long day, probably because Sadie resisted taking a nap all the way until 4:30 pm. She then slept for a little over an hour (despite Pumpkin's best efforts to wake her, which included walking right up to us twice and yowling at the top of her little 18 year old lungs at least a dozen times) and woke up ready to rock and roll. Late day naps are definitely not a good idea, because then the little princess thinks that she should be bouncing off the wall until 9:30pm (which is past Mommy's bedtime and way past Sadie's bedtime).

The high point of the day came when we went into town for the football homecoming parade. Sadie was moderately impressed by the floats and the marching band, but nothing could compare with her expression when a group of red balloons escaped from the freshman float and soared off into the sky. Sadie's eyes were glued to the balloons even when they were tiny and she kept pointing to them because she didn't want anyone to miss their flight into the wild.

Tomorrow morning we head to the ocean. We're shocked to learn that the little motel we're staying at does have wireless internet! I'll finally be able to download the updates for my computer! Yay! And I'll try to remember to bring my camera cord and battery charger (so I can upload some new Sadie pictures).

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