Thursday, October 15, 2009

Medi-Cal, Gross Incompetence and Lies

I am very upset and asking for prayers. As some of you know we have been trying to get Medi-Cal, the California state health insurance coverage, for the past 15+ months. We lost our insurance shortly after Sadie was born. We qualified for Medi-Cal the first time we applied, but gross incompetence (and the inability of our first social worker to input simple information into a computer) meant our application was rejected. We reapplied two months ago (they promised to respond in 45 days). Today, after leaving multiple notes and phone messages with our social worker (this is social worker #5) my husband was told that our application was rejected. The reason: Because we're "together." He's claiming that being married means automatic disqualification. According to everything I've read this is absolutely not true. It's so stressful and it means that if we want to appeal it we have to court or we can reapply and hope we get a different decision. This is insane!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This is California we're talking about.


  1. I can't even imagine what you're going through. It must be really stressful. I'll keep you guys in my prayers

  2. Hi Allison-
    Thanks for the prayers! I'm keeping you and your sister and family in my prayers too! I hope things are going better!

  3. I'm praying you don't get help.

  4. Well, at least your praying for something Anonymous. Fortunately in this case your prayers went unanswered. Our Medi-Cal cleared this week! Praise God! I'll keep you in my prayers though. Truly, I can't imagine wishing what we've gone through on anyone else, particularly a pregnant woman (which I am) and I pray that you never go through anything similar. May God Bless You!


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