Thursday, October 29, 2009

Federally Funded Abortions Around the Corner if ObamaCare Passes

I just finished reading this article over at Catholic Online. The article is titled, Playing for Keeps: Abortion is IN 'Health Care Reform' and was written by Ken Blackwell and sums up what lies ahead if ObamaCare becomes a reality.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The American Spectator) - When President Obama was asked about whether abortion was in his health care plan, he answered elliptically. He didn't say it was or wasn't. He said there was a "tradition in this town of not paying for abortion." But isn't he the One elected on a platform of hope and change? Isn't he the One who wants to re-found the American experiment?

Liberals would never have supported him for President if he said -- as Sen. Al Gore once said -- that abortion should not be federally-funded. Gore was running for President in 1988. He faced a buzzsaw of criticism from New York's powerful liberal fundraiser, Harold Ickes, Jr. His opposition to federal funding of abortion effectively ended Gore's quest for the White House twenty-one years ago.

Obama would make no such mistakes in his triumphal march to the Presidency. Now, as we enter the crucial weeks of the nation's long and drawn-out health care debate, we get confirmation that abortion is in the health care takeover plan.

No less a source than the reliably left-wing National Public Radio (NPR) confirmed federal funding of abortion for us. Julie Rovner explained that the reason the abortion issue has loomed so large in this year's health care debate is that "this time they're playing for keeps." All other abortion funding restrictions are annual amendments, Rovner pointed out on "Weekend Edition," but the Obamacare plan will become "permanent law." Both sides of the abortion debate, she reported, know that "there's a lot at stake here."

NPR quoted liberal Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.). Schakowsky said: "Comprehensive health care does include reproductive health care, prenatal and maternity care, screening for breast, cervical and other cancers or [sexually transmitted infections] abortion, contraceptive services. That these are basic health care for women [emphasis added] that we have a right to by virtue of our reproductive organs and our right to control our own bodies."

Thank you, Rep. Schakowsky. You have dispelled most admirably the fog of confusion emanating from the White House fog machine. For liberals, life or death for unborn children is simply a matter of choice. Rights come not from God, but from our reproductive organs. Notice, it's rights squared -- we all have a right to health care and we have a right to say what health care is. Our right to control our bodies implies a right to make taxpayers pay for whatever we decide to do with our bodies.

Read Entire Story Here.

This may be an eye opening article for anyone who is still in denial about whether abortion really has been excluded from this bill. It hasn't and that is, quite simply, unacceptable.


  1. I just figure the amount of tax money going to abortions will be a lot less than the amount that would go to welfare to pay for the kids if they gave birth to them.

  2. So you believe that it's better to murder an innocent child than to risk having to pay anything latter on down the line. Because I'm sure you'll actually see your taxes go down if that child's murdered, right?

    That logic takes evil to a whole new level. So do you think we should kill the elderly when they reach a certain age (maybe retirement, when they're no longer productive?) so that you don't risk having to support them?



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