Monday, October 26, 2009

Shoe Shopping

Thank goodness for oatmeal bear! Sadie hasn't been sleeping very well again these last few days and I suspect that tooth #9 is thinking about making an appearance. Sadie's sleeping patterns are heavily influenced by teething discomfort.

Today we went shoe shopping and Sadie fell in love with every single shoe that I slid onto her feet. She loved the red puddle stomping boots I showed her and cried when I took them away to suggest that we try on another size. She tried to insist we buy every pair of party shoes in the place (Walmart has quite a selection) but had to settle for on pair of black patent leather shoes for church.

And then there were the sneakers. Nani found a pair of light up disney princess cupcake sneakers (they really don't leave anything out, do they?) and they fit Sadie's little foot perfectly. She now wears a size 8. I can't believe how fast her feet are growing. She reminds me of a german shepherd puppy with giant paws sometimes!

She did also manage to convince me to get the shiny red boots and when we got home she insisted on wearing them around the house. She has some difficulty walking in them while staring at her feet, but finally got the hang of it. I'm actually surprised she didn't bump into more furniture.

She lets everyone know she's ready to put them on again by walking over to wherever they have been left and standing on top of them with a determined look on her face. She's going to have a hard time convincing Nani that they can come into the house though after they get actual puddle stomping mud on them.

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