Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Sore Tooth

Sadie doesn't like to talk about being in trouble. She doesn't like me to tell Daddy when she does something naughty. Today she was in a bit of a mood. She has a very good excuse. Her eighth tooth has finally cut through her gums and she's not feeling great. This has led to a drastic increase in biting (and hitting and kicking and pinching). Feeling grouchy does not help with self control in toddlers. She knows she's not supposed to do these things, but today it seemed like she just couldn't help herself.

She even bit me twice after she fell asleep nursing. Ouch! When she woke up things weren't much better. She got mad at me when I told her not to do something and pinched me. When I told her that we don't pinch she tried to hit me. When I said "no" she sat very still and stared. Her little bottom lip started to quiver. When I didn't cave and say "Oh, it's okay baby, you can do whatever you want" she burst into tears and spent a solid five minutes curled up on my lap in a ball sobbing hysterically while I tried to get her to calm down. She finally settled down and stopped crying. Daddy had come in to see what was wrong (he was in the other room with the door closed with earplugs in, studying Latin and had still heard Sadie's fuss). When I started to say that Sadie had pinched me she burst into tears again. Any mention of the words "pinch," "bite" or "hit" bring the same reaction.

Dinner seemed to cheer Sadie up though. She was excited that we were having spaghetti, her very favorite food. When I put her in her high chair she started pointing wildly at her bowl, her mouth wide open. At least her sore tooth isn't preventing eating. Hopefully it will be all the way through tomorrow and she'll be feeling better. Poor little bunny!

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