Thursday, October 22, 2009

Running 'til Nap Time

Sadie has so much energy that I took her outside today and let her run around the track near our house. It’s a dirt track that is a third of a mile and Sadie ran around it twice today. It really seems to help her burn off the excess energy that would otherwise be used to chase down the cats and pull their tails (never a good scenario).

So this morning we went out and she did her first lap and then I let her explore around the houses. She slept much better at nap time than she usually does and after her nap woke up and seemed happy with the idea of going outside, so Nani and I took her on another walk (this time pushing the stroller just in case she got tired). Instead she raced around it again, stopping multiple times to look at rocks and trees and little piece of dirt.

She also has decided that she wants to “feed“ us. She thinks its very funny to pretend to scoop up food and then to pretend put that food into the mouth of whoever happens to be sitting next to her. We have to watch her though to make sure that it is actually pretend food (air) and that she hasn’t picked up an cheerio that fell down into a crack in her high chair at breakfast and is squeezing it between her grimy little fingers. It is a very real danger and Sadie would think that was even better than feeding Mommy or Daddy pretend “food.”

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