Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Pro-Death Chatter

You may remember the abortion blog that I did a post on a little while back. I first saw it on a few other Catholic blogs and was horrified by the description of a pregnant doctor doing a late term abortion. At the same time it offered insight into what abortion providers think of their work. Many see themselves as the heros in this story, helping women that others would just "pray for and ignore" (to paraphrase the sentiment I kept running across).

Apparently quite a few people came from various blogs and were as shocked as I was by what they found. And the abortioneers have been writing about the comments that they have been getting. Here's what they've said:
News Flash: The antis are talking about us and our blog has had an exponential rise in anti-abortion traffic. With that, has come an increase in anti-abortion comments; some of which have appeared to be intelligent, others just hateful.
Any readers who went over there and left comments certainly made an impression! Way to be heard!
What’s not okay: antis stalking our blog, taking our words out of context, twisting our work, and bringing yucky negativity our way. This is our haven. Our safe place.
It's nice that you have a safe place. The unborn children that you rip, limb from limb in their mother's wombs, don't. They are in, what should be, the safest haven of all and you violate that safety and take away their most basic right, the right to life. I gave all of you the link to this blog at the top of the page. Go over and read these quotes in their original context. Believe me, it doesn't get any better.
This increase in muddying-up our blog is annoying at best. I might seem like a coward, but it’s also made me think I should edit myself; like I'm going to have to be careful of what I say so it's not taken out of context, so I can "protect" our field, so I don't dishonor our clients. It makes me uncomfortable I feel this way. I just wish the antis would leave us the f%@# alone. We don’t need to be hassled by people who don’t care about the women we serve and won’t EVER get it. Their rhetoric and picking is a violation. How dare they come here? How dare they think it’s okay to tread on our feet? To dishonour the women we serve? To disrespect the compassion, the love, the angst that we feel doing this special life-work. (No pun intended.)
I have to admit that I edited the swear word, but I'm sure you can fill in the blank. I once had an English Professor who said that people who swear in their writing show the world that they aren't articulate enough to come up with a better description. Thanks Professor Green. Frankly, there's a limit to how much trash I can tolerate on my site and this content alone puts things pretty close to being over the top. But I also think it's good to see the other side of things, even if there's no way we can agree.

She is wrong about not caring about the woman they "serve." And unfortunately quite a few women do "get it." It's just that some of us recognize that murder is never the answer to a problem. That's not rhetoric. It's a fact.

The taking of an innocent life is murder and the fact that this atrocity remains legal for the time being is unthinkable.

I've heard quite a few people argue that abortions should be legal because if they weren't women would keep finding ways to get them, but the abortions wouldn't be as "safe." Let's use that argument with other, similar crimes.

Murder is a crime that is as old as man kind. People just keep on doing it, even though we make laws against it. Since people are going to kill each other anyway, we ought to make it safer for the person who survives, to kill other people...

The logic doesn't really work, does it?

You could use other crimes as well. Fill in the blank. There have been pedophiles throughout human history. There have been rapists throughout human history. Yet legalizing any of these things would turn most peoples' stomachs. How is abortion any different?

It isn't. And that is why we will keep fighting with everything we have.

Anyone who doesn't think that this is murder should check out this site, where you can see an unborn child (11 weeks along) try to evade the abortioneers violent grasp. Any woman considering having an abortion should see it. But be warned, it's very graphic and could break your heart.

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