Monday, October 5, 2009

Woman Addicted to Abortion tells Monstrous Story (and Defends the "Right to Choose")

In a world filled with disturbing news, this takes the cake this week. A new book, titled "Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict" is due out this week. The books publisher, Other Press agreed to publish the book after fifty-one other publishers refused.

Other Press claims that the book describes the author, Irene Vilar's, "pathology" and isn't part of the abortion debate. I tend to disagree (my regular readers probably aren't all that surprised by this). I'm not sure how you can say that a woman, who still identifies herself as "Pro-Choice," can kill fifteen of her unborn children (she let two live) and then separate herself from one of the most heated debates in the country.

In an interview in her home in Colorado Ms. Vilar reassures the world that "I refuse to see myself as a victim." Which is good because she isn't the victim in this story. The fifteen children that she murdered are the tragic victims in this twisted story.

Ms. Vilar has had a difficult life. Her mother jumped from a moving car when she was eight years old and died. Her father remarried twice and was addicted to alcohol and gambling and two of her brothers were heroin addicts. When she was a teenager she began a relationship with the 50 year old professor that she eventually married. "The professor, Ms. Vilar says, did not want children; she battled her maternal desire so she would not lose him." I'm not sure what "maternal desires" end with the mother killing her own child, not once, not twice, but fifteen times.

Ms. Vilar says that she became addicted to abortion. In some sort of bizarre power struggle ("in order to retain some control in her relationship") she would skip taking her birth control pills and then stop altogether and wait to see if she became pregnant. She became pregnant fifteen times and had fifteen abortions in fifteen years.

Many people have "difficult lives." Thankfully, not everyone uses that as an excuse to go around murdering children. People who do usually end up in jail. However what Ms. Vilar did was completely "legal."

I cannot begin to fathom the thought process that equated ripping her unborn children from her womb with trying to control her life.

While the publisher and the author would like everyone to believe that this isn't really about the political and moral issue of abortion, it absolutely is. Ms. Vilar killed fifteen children and her actions are absolutely legal in our country. There is something dramatically wrong (not to mention intrinsically evil) with a system that allows this. This perversion of thought shows how many can push aside the sanctity of life. Ms. Vilar wasn't thinking about the lives of her children, she was thinking about her "rights" and what she had the "power" to do.

Ms. Vilar's may not see herself as "the victim" and she also doesn't seem to get the point of what she has done. She says: "That was a disservice to the women that have fought so courageously for securing those rights for me. And it was a disservice to my reproductive body and to the promise to procreation and to motherhood and the seriousness of that." She never mentions the children that she killed. Not recognizing those lives is the only reason she can go on to say: "Motherhood has completely made me feel accountable. It hasn't made me less pro-choice," she said. "It's just that now I understand and feel the weight of the privilege that we have in exercising our right to choose."

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  1. Wow... I am literally speechless and sick to my stomach... God has those children in His hand already, but I will absolutely say a prayer for this woman's soul and her conversion.

  2. I know... I had a blog post all planned out for today and when I saw this article I just had to switch and write about it. It was all I could think about it. This woman needs lots of prayers. I can't imagine what it would be like to realize what I'd done if I were in her shoes....


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