Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eureka! My Search was a Success!

I started the search for last weeks "Outfit of the Week" late this afternoon and after about five minutes of searching amid the mouse droppings under the house, I was getting rather discouraged. The boxes that I thought that the dresses were in were actually full of books and while I'd found some baby clothes (mine and Sadie's) and quite a few stuffed animals, there was no sign of the box of dresses I was looking for. Then I saw them. They must have been buried under the Christmas decorations, which got moved around earlier this week after the mice got into them (you would never know that we have 5 cats on the property here... apparently none of them are mousers). I dragged the box up onto the porch and carefully removed the top.

There they were: my pre-pregnancy dresses.

I began looking through the mound of clothes, sorting what I would take inside to try on and what I would leave in the box from the start. As I glanced at a few tags I became nervous. Size 0. Size 2. And only slightly more reassuring, Size 4. I am not any of those sizes anymore and I feared that I'd just end up packing everything away again in a rather depressed mood.

Taking the dresses inside I automatically put a few of the 0's and xs's into a pile to take back outside. There was no way those dresses would have even fit over my shoulders.

The results were 50/50 (which was better than I expected). All of the pants went back into the box (for an idea of where my "redistribution of weight" has gone... I am now 10 lbs less than I was when I got married, but the sizes are all so off that I'm beginning to think it was 10 lbs of pure muscle that's disappeared!). Half of the dresses made the cut (including my favorite holiday dress in the above picture) and quite a few of the shirts fit, although they were for the most part, stretchy exercise shirts that I'm hoping will motivate me to work out more). It feels a little bit like I have a new wardrobe though! I haven't seen this dresses in two years! Now I just need to wrangle the box back under the house in the morning.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss....I started this pregnancy 30 lbs heavier than I was at my wedding :( OH well I have to look at my 16 month old and realize that she is way better than being uber fit. Sidebar, did you make that cake in the picture on your own? If so, awesome decoration job!

  2. Hi Sarah-
    Thanks! Babies are definitely worth all the changes they make to our bodies! I have to say that I sometimes wonder what I'll look like if my husband's prediction is right and God decides to bless us with 12 kids (that's what he usually tells people when they ask how many we'd like to have).

    I did not make the cake in the picture. It's actually the top of our wedding cake and the picture was taken just over two years ago on our one year anniversary. I was a little skeptical as to whether or not the cake would be any good after sitting in the freezer for a year, but it was! I've been working on my baking skills, but nothing nearly as fancy as fondant frosting yet.


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