Monday, October 19, 2009

Goodnight Bear

It was good to go on a little vacation with the whole family, but now it feels even better to be home. The cabin was pretty cold when Sadie and I got down here, but it's so tiny that the heater hardly takes any time at all to heat the entire thing and it's already toasty now. I am being very vigilant about spiders. They seem to be coming inside to get out of the cold too and I don't like that one bit!

We've also discovered that the whole family loves one of Sadie's teddy bears. The teddy bear, which I call "oatmeal bear" is the kind that you buy for newborns that, when turned on, plays a heartbeat "womb" sound for about fifteen minutes. It got buried amid a bunch of other stuffed animals before Sadie was born and we only just found it a couple of weeks go. I turned it on and Sadie rushed over and started cuddling the bear and kissing its nose over and over again. That night I brought it down to the room and she really cuddles up to him when he's on. And when she wakes up she looks around for him and sometimes insists on taking him up to Nani and Grumpa's house.

I was a little worried that the bear would bug Paul, because he's a light sleeper (at least he is when he's falling asleep) and the bear is noisy. I didn't think too much about it though because he usually gets home long after Sadie is asleep and the bear is off. On one of his nights off though, the bear was on and the next day he remarked that he liked it better when the bear was on and had a harder time getting to sleep after it went off. Last night at the motel when the bear went off he asked me to reach over and turn it back on. I can definitely understand, it seems too quite now when the bears off and it's started helping me fall asleep too!

Now it's my turn to go to sleep! Good night!

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