Sunday, October 4, 2009

The New "Rosary"

The subject of Jennifer Harline's new article on was so disgusting that I'm not even going to add a Sadie Frown Photo to this post. Some sad souls are so twisted by evil and hate that they must attempt to take whatever is good and pure and make it fit their view of the world. It's even sadder when some of the supporters of this new "rosary" claim to be Catholic. Let us pray that their eyes may be open and that they may flee back into the forgiving arms of the Church that Christ left us.

While there are many sad quotes from this article there was one in particular that stood out (in a positive way). Here it is:
Choose this day whom you will serve, whom you will defend, whom you will honor, whom you will love....Whatever you do, don’t be silent. Don’t be indifferent. This era in history is a pivotal one, and a line is being clearly drawn. Choose this day where you will stand.

And to read more about the new rosary that's come out of Berkeley click here.

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