Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Dream Closet

Earlier this month I did a post on my "dream mantilla's." During Sadie's nap time today I was looking at pictures of dresses that would make it into my "dream closet" if price was no option! I have a new goal, I don't just want to learn to sew, I want to learn to sew really, really well. All of these beautiful dresses are available at the etsy shop Audrey and Grace.

My Dream Version of the Little Black Dress!

This Perfect Spring Outfit!

Perfect for Autumn and Thanksgiving!

I love this style of dress!

This would be perfect for Easter morning with a little white church sweater!


  1. Oh wow! These dresses are gorgeous! I love how they're vintage inspired. I think women back then knew how to dress nicely and still look good. Too bad nowadays it seems like women feel the need to flaunt everything.

    Good luck with your sewing adventures! I sew every day for a living, but I'm very inexperienced at patterns, so there's no way I could make anything that nice! I really need to practice patterns. Because somehow I think if I tried to wing it, I don't think they'd come out right! haha

  2. I remember hearing once that in the old days women only had a few dresses in their closets and took really, really good care of them. Nowadays many women have way too many clothes, most of which are not very good quality. I wish you luck in learning how to sew, it is such a wonderful skill to have. I find it so hard to find dresses and skirts I really like at the store and I cannot wait for the day when I can make my own with ease. BTW, I really like your choice of dresses for your imaginary closet. The bottom one is my favorite, as I adore pink.

  3. gorgeous!!! especially the fall one.

  4. HI Everyone! I think I read the same article Maria did, or one similar, about how women used to care for there clothes more carefully and would take them off and hang them up carefully right after they wore them and would never put them in a hamper. I try to remember to hang up my dresses if I'm not going to wash them, but I still have a ways to go in that department. Of course, if I had these dresses I think I could force myself to remember because they're just so beautiful!

  5. Cam,

    I just discovered your blog via "it's on my to-do list and "St. Louis Catholic" I am really loving your blog, my husband just finished law school and we have one baby with another on the way...I feel your situation :) This post was so fun and I would indeed have these dresses in my dream closet as well....Kinda random comment but just wanted to say I enjoy the blog :)

  6. Hi Sarah-
    I'm glad you found my blog! We live in such a tiny town (population 164 according to the sign) that my blog and all the blogs I read have really become a connection to the outside world. Congratulations on expecting! We're hoping that ours aren't going to be too far apart....

  7. The pink dress is simply gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!


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