Monday, October 19, 2009

Surf Baby

We found quite a few things out about Sadie this weekend, and first and foremost among them is the fact that, if given the chance she will run straight into the ocean without hesitating. Luckily, we had six adults who watched her and made sure that she couldn't run full speed into the icy waves.

Why would she want to run into that icy water, you ask?

As we walked down towards the water the first time (it was a negative tide and it was quite a hike), Sadie started to look at the places where the waves had washed up foam. First she stared at it. Then she pointed. Then she stomped. When she stomped the foam it disappeared under her shoe. She thought that was quite funny. So she stomped a little more. As we got further down and the sand got wetter she started to notice that it splashed a little when she stomped on the foamy lines. Hilarious. Life doesn't get better than stomping foam on a cold autumn day. Then she saw the waves. They were pretty foamy. She was ready to fling herself in and do a little stomping in the sea.

Mommy and Daddy said definitely not. We're such spoil sports!

She's also becoming quite a good little eater. We think that it may be a growth spurt. The day before yesterday she ate an entire fish stick by herself and this morning she ate an entire egg. She wasn't even finicky. She just gobbled up everything that we put in front of her.

I keep hearing talk about how she'll "slow down" on the growing soon. I presume that this will happen before she's taller than me, which at the current rate will be sometime next year.

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