Thursday, October 8, 2009

Her Very Own Geocache!

Sadie put out her very first geocache today. It is at a horsey location and is full of little horse toys.

After we hid the geocache we headed over to the playground. Sadie swung on the swings, played with the steering wheel and practiced stepping up and down over and over again on the little playground steps. She thinks it’s hilarious to step up onto the step and then throw herself off of it, allowing Mommy and Nani to scramble to catch her.

She also went down the slide by herself for the first time today! She thought it was wonderful and would have spent all day on the slide if we had let her.

We also had quite the little tantrum today. Sadie was sitting on my lap, pulling at my shirt. When I told her that my shirt was fine how it was she got a little angry look on her face. She paused, looked at me and swung, hitting me in the chest, with all her little bunny strength. It wasn’t very hard. I told her that we don’t hit anybody. She held perfectly still, with the sole exception of her lip. Her lip stuck out all the way and started to tremble. She seemed to be thinking very hard about something. Then she hit me again. This time I said “no, we don’t hit.” Sadie doesn’t like the word “no.” She threw herself back against me in an all out tantrum and was not having being hugged.

Five minutes later she was cheerful and cuddly and forgot that she was giving me the silent treatment. She can be quite dramatic when she isn’t allowed to do something… And she isn’t even two!

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