Saturday, October 3, 2009

Banana and Yogurt-sicle Snack Recipe

I've been meaning to post a new recipe for a while and while this doesn't quite qualify as a "recipe" it is an awfully good snack. It was in a pamphlet handed out by the healthy families/ first 5 people at the Harvest Festival and while Sadie wasn't sure about it (probably because of her sore tooth) Nani and I thought it was great. It's pretty simple too.

Ingredients :
1 banana
a straw (or two)

Slice banana into round slices and spear straw through middle of slices. Drizzle with yogurt and sprinkle with granola. It is supposed to be kind of like a popsicle (in the way you eat it) but we found that a plate and spoon eliminate a lot of mess!


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