Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let Go of the Cat's Tail, Please!

Today's Sadie picture is a blur. These days it's hard to catch a picture of Sadie that isn't in motion and the camera lens has a tough time keeping up with her. This picture was taken on the "sports" setting, but it didn't seem to help much. It also doesn't help keep her in the frame, but I guess no camera could be expected to do that. We'd need a five point harness and maybe a couple of bungee cords holding her in place to give the camera a chance of catching her before she sprinted out of the frame.

We have erected a fence around the fire place. If I were one of the cats in the house I would spend all my time watching Sadie sleepily through the fence and demanding that my food and water be delivered. None of our cats seem to have figured this out though and they follow Sadie around and then look scared out of their wits when she wants to play with them. I find myself saying "Sadie, let go of the cat's tail" at least a dozen times a day. I would say it more than that if it weren't for the fact that after a dozen times I think that the cat should have caught on and stopped walking in circles around Sadie and I only intervene if it looks like things are getting serious and we may need a a) vet visit or b) trip to the doctor. So far neither of those things has happened (thankfully).

Sadie is still sick. Yesterday I thought she was getting better but today the cold seemed worse again, although the fever seems to have broken (and that was the part that had me worried). Her little nose is raw from being blown so many times, despite constant Burt's Bee's Baby Bee's lotion, which did the trick for a while. Hopefully she'll feel better by this weekend. We're going to the ocean for a couple of days and she'll need to be well for geocaching and running around on the beach!

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