Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pinching and Mrs. Bunny

Sadie had a tough time getting to sleep last night, which is why I didn't get a chance to post before bed. She has a sixth sense that applied to computers and knitting (or anything else that might steal Mommy's attention away from her) and wakes up from a sound sleep if she thinks that I'm doing something other than staring lovingly at her (she doesn't want to miss out!).

We have reached the terrible fifteen months. Okay, it's not really terrible, but Sadie does seem to be testing her limits and trying to see if Mommy is really serious when she says "no hitting," "no pinching" and then, just to make sure Mommy's paying attention "no kicking." The pinching is the worst! Sadie has tiny pincer fingers that are perfect for pinching and pinching has become her way of saying "I want to nurse." I think that she's finally starting to figure out that it's not the best strategy.

I was reading a book on sleeping yesterday morning when she was still asleep and it said that fifteen months is a good age to get a baby attached to a lovey. It explained that it's much easier to help them sleep. So we took Mrs. Bunny around town with us yesterday.

I had no idea that Mrs. Bunny was so funny. She hopped all over the place. At one point she started jumping up and down on the back of my chair while Daddy was inside doing an errand and Sadie and I were waiting in the car. When Daddy called to ask me a question it was hard to hear my voice over Sadie's hysterical laughter. We didn't know that Mrs. Bunny was a best friend and a comedian.

Mrs. Bunny even seems to be helping with the pinching. Instead of pinching Sadie sits and strokes her ears. I really hope this lasts.

Now we're off to the Quilt Festival. Down town will be lined with quilts hanging from all the buildings. I'm just glad we didn't get the snow storm that was in the forecast for today (yet!).

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