Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sadie has had a tough couple of days. It looked like she was coming down with a cold three days ago. She had a stuffy nose and she couldn't stop sneezing. Then the fever hit. We haven't been sleeping very much and there has been a lot of crying and fussing going on (and only a little bit of it came from Daddy after watching ALL of our teams lose this weekend).

Despite being sick over the course of the last few days Sadie has been starting to make a lot more signs (which is funny because we don't watch the DVDs that much. I would say that we turn one on maybe twice a month.). However she seems to remember what she's seen pretty well. She's been making the signs for "more" and "milk" and "want" all day today. "Want" started up when she discovered that we have a cookie jar (although no cookies happened to be in the jar at the time). It is shaped like a cat, which in Sadie's eyes, makes it pretty much perfect. I went and found some Nilla Waffers and put them in the jar so she could pluck one out. That made her feel better for a little bit!

Today her nose was less stuffy, but her temperature still seemed to be raised, at least it was each time the baby tylenol wore off. Hopefully she'll have beat whatever it is that she has by tomorrow. It's so hard to watch such a sweet little bunny be sick!

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