Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climbing and Pillow Houses

Sadie is sound asleep right now. She is still stuffy and her nose has been bleeding on and off all day, but at least she doesn’t seem to have a fever.

Sadie is currently in love with making “pillow houses.” She has five pillows and a bean bag chair and she spends long amounts of time rearranging the pillows and so that they completely surround her. Sometimes she lays down and pulls the pillows over her and tried to hide. Hiding usually lasts for a grand total of five seconds (on Sadie’s more patient days), but Sadie thinks it’s hilarious when we act like we can’t find her. Now that the fence is up around the fireplace it has become part of the pillow house. So far when I try to add blankets to create a fort, Sadie pulls them down and laughs, but I have a feeling that she’s going to get the idea soon and want to turn the entire living room into a giant pillow palace.

She is also becoming quite the little climber. She climbs everything. She moves her bouncy horse Robby over next to her playpen and stands on it (until Mommy makes her get down). She tries (and nearly succeeds) in climbing into and standing up in her little shopping cart (until Mommy makes her get down). And she even tries to climb up into the doll stroller (until Mommy makes her get down). Mommy making her get down off of things she has climbed has been a definite trend lately!

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