Friday, October 23, 2009

The Importance of Good Undergarments

I've been thinking a lot lately about the importance of good undergarments. I've also been thinking about the idea of women burning their bras to signify their independence and I can't help but think that they weren't doing themselves any favors. Perhaps some people became so obsessed with ideas of personal freedom that they decided they'd be "freer" without bras, but my post baby body appreciates the support that good undergarments give (although I imagine that the bra burning was, for the most part, figurative).

I really began to notice the difference undergarments could make immediately after my c-section. I had read that wearing a girdle after childbirth could help a woman's stretched out muscles go back to normal more quickly and I had a couple ready to wear when I came home from the hospital. And boy, did I need it. I was pretty beat up. Due to a shift change and a new nurse who didn't want to "wake the doctor" I pushed for five hours with no progress at all before my emergency c-section (those five hours are not something I would wish on anyone). My body was not happy.

After we got home I tried on the girdle I had bought and saw an immediate, dramatic difference. I felt like my stitched up muscles were supported and I could actually make it up and down the stairs (slowly).

Over the next few months I got used to the support of the girdle and I started to notice an improvement in my posture when I was wearing it. It makes me more conscious of how I'm sitting or standing. Lately I'm paired it with the corset that I wore under my wedding dress, for a more seamless look. It isn't a heavy duty corset (I wouldn't want to deal with wearing something tight, or uncomfortable), it's just the kind that hooks up the back and it adds to the improved posture. I like that I don't have to worry about bra straps slipping and it stays in place because it's a larger garment.

And now I finally have a full slip that fits (I do also have a large fluffy half slip that I wore under my wedding dress, but it's not exactly practical for everyday wear).

Getting dressed has become quite a process, but when I don't have supportive undergarments on under a dress I feel kind of naked! Even when I wear pants around the house without the girdle or corset I feel rather exposed and under dressed.

The best part about finding undergarments that work well is that I don't have to worry about panty lines showing through or dresses that are too sheer without a slip (and some dresses made of surprisingly thick material can become semi see-through in the sun) because I'm already covered. It doesn't guarantee that every dress will pass my own personal modesty test (some just can't be helped) but it certainly helps!


  1. Where you did you buy these supportive garments? I bought one a long time ago but it was way too uncomfortable. I have bad posture so I'm hoping it might be able to help me.

  2. Hi-
    I got them at a few different places. One of the girdles my mom already had (it was from Walmart) and then I picked up a few really inexpensive ones at Walmart also that weren't quite as nice as the one she gave me, but that work well just the same. The very first girdle I bought has leg support too and I found that one (I was desperate and couldn't find anything at this point) at Fredrick's of Hollywood. It's just plain skin tone and I think I found it by looking under support wear. It looks kind of like bike shorts.

    My new slip came from Target and kind of looks like a fitted tan dress (the way dresses go these days).

    The corsets are probably the less comfortable thing in general. In my experience the lace up ones are usually more painful. I got the one that I like at David's Bridal. It's just plain, white, stretchy material and it has four rows of hooks up the back. If I put it as tight as it goes it starts to hurt a bit after a few hours, but if I just put it on the one of the looser two rows it's pretty comfortable.

    Actually, since I started writing this I went to the David's Bridal Website to see if I could find the "corset" and I did. The store calls it a "long bra" but it probably helps the most with my posture. Here's the link:
    I hope that helps!

  3. Great! Thank you so much! I'm going to look into it :)

  4. I totally agree with you and I think that one of the reasons women complain about skirts and dresses being impractical is often that they have forgotten the importance of proper underwear for both comfort and modesty. I wear skirts and dresses pretty well exclusively now and am very conscious of my underthings

    I have been wearing a girdle (well panties with support, which come up to the navel / waist) since my second baby. Firstly for the same reason as you to help my muscles recover, but also now because they feel more modest.

    To me absolutely the most important thing is to wear a bra which covers, controls and most importantly doesn’t show my ‘shape’ (if you know what I mean). A skirt / slip can easily hide your pantieline, but it’s so easy to be immodest on top if your not careful. Personally I don’t like it if my bra shows through a top so I always wear a camisole or full slip and even if a skirt or dress is not see through I think a slip helps your skirt hang better and not cling which makes it more comfortable (and warmer in winter).

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