Saturday, October 3, 2009

Outfit of the Week

I'm still celebrating the arrival of the cool fall weather this week. It feels amazing not to be sweltering with 110 degree afternoons. This morning I actually went into my parents' garage and found the bag that we stuffed all our cold weather clothing into. It took some work to get to it and I'm pretty sure that I disturbed several colonies of mice, but it is finally inside. Now I just need to sort through my newly organized closet and figure out what needs to be stored, in a desperate attempt to make everything fit. It's not that there are tons of clothing... it's that the space is very small.

Today's outfit is one of my fall favorites. The top doesn't fit quite like it did pre-baby, but it works much better then it did a year ago at this time. It was on sale at Ross right before we went to Israel (2007) and the skirt was on clearance at JCPenny's around the same time (clearance is a trend that had, as of late, been replaced with garage sales).

When I was pulling on the boots this morning I realized that I have had them for four years (and they're in excellent shape for their age). Shortly after I met Paul I met one of my best friends for lunch in the city and we walked around Union Square. We went into a shoe store and she pointed out that the shoes I was wearing were four years old and that I had bought them when we were shopping together when they were on clearance freshman year in college (see, even back then I was looking for "clearance" tags!). And of course, they were on clearance because they were from the previous season... However as I found today they are not ideal for chasing unruly toddlers!

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