Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ewwww! Baby Feet!

Sadie and I have this little game that we play. It started months ago when she was nursing and started to take her foot and pull it up and put it next to my face. I would make a face when she did this and say "ewwwwwww, yuck, baby feet" and pretend to try to blow her feet away from my face. She would immediately start to giggle and put her foot back down until a few minutes later when I would see her foot sneaking back up next to my face.

We hadn't played the baby feet game in a while, but yesterday when Sadie was sitting on my lap she stretched out her flexible little leg and put her little foot right next to my cheek. This time instead of saying "yuck baby feet" I pretended to sneeze and said "oh no, baby feet, I must be allergic!" This, in Sadie's eyes, was even funnier than "ewwww, yuck, baby feet!" She laughed hysterically. As soon as she stopped laughing I would grab her foot and pretend to sneeze again and repeat "baby feet, I must be allergic, achooooo!"

Now she spending quite a bit of time trying to sneak her feet as close to me as possible to see if I'll sneeze and then laughing hysterically if I do.

She also figured out how to blow bubbles in her milk with a straw today at lunch. I'm hoping she forgets this new talent for a little bit longer!

I also purchased a monkey backpack "baby leash" today. Sadie has no problem racing off into a crowd on her own (or trying to jump into the ocean) so this may be handy. Sadie may not like the monkey quite as much though when she realizes what it is....

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