Saturday, October 24, 2009

Outfit of the Week

I can't believe that this outfit hasn't already been a Outfit of the Week! I guess it's because I started the Outfit of the Week series in summer, so I was considering more summer dresses. However this skirt-sweater combo is one of my favorites.

My best friend gave me the sweater right before I got married (she saw me eyeing it in the store, but resisting buying it because Express was already outside our budget possibilities) and the skirt is from JCPennys (fall 2007).

The outfit is shown on the right with my favorite (and at the time brand new) headcovering scarf at the Pater Noster Church in Jerusalem. The picture on the left is on a hot day while touring Caesarea earlier in the trip. It was definitely appropriate for traveling in the Holy Land.


  1. What a cute outfit - and modest, complete with headcovering. :) And a great blog too! I've been busy moving over the past few weeks and didn't have time to write to let you know that I was linking to your entry showing your headcovering style a few days ago. Glad to have come across some of your good entries! God bless...

  2. Thank you! I was very excited to find your blog (I saw it on my stat counter page). It's so great to read about other women who feel called to cover too! Thank you for your beautiful blog! I can't wait to keep finding more sites!


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