Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daddy's Little Sports Fan

Sadie has a new little thing that she does. I think she picked it up from watching Paul watch sports. Sadie loves to watch pretty much every sport. Football seems to be her favorite, but baseball is a close second.

Today she started lifting her arms up like she's signaling a touchdown in a football game. She does it when we're walking and she finds a pretty rock that she likes and she picks it up and hands it to me. She does it after she picks up a puzzle piece and drops it into my shoe (who knew that finding all the puzzle pieces and putting them all in Mommy's shoe could be so much fun?). And of course she did it when the TV was on and she saw a football player make a touchdown. After the touchdown she collapsed on the floor like she'd been tackled and then jumped up did the goal post sign again and then fell to the ground again and hid her face. I'm not sure exactly what she's thinking when she does this, but she sure seems to be a sports fan! Talk about being Daddy's Little Girl!

She also thinks it's hilarious to push her "breakfast bear" (a toy bear that sits at the table when she eats her breakfast) around the table with her mini bulldozer. This upsets the breakfast bear immensely and he roars at the bulldozer, but Sadie just laughs. It's almost as good as watching football!

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