Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sadie's Almost Kiss

Sadie is finally asleep, after putting up quite a fight. She's so afraid that she'll miss something the moment that she closes her eyes, that she would like to be awake twenty-four hours a day.

Yesterday we drove to a winery a few towns over that was having a wine festival. It was a kid's dream come true. They had a tractor pulling a wagon around the grape vines with free rides. Halfway through the vineyard they had created a pumpkin patch and all the chickens and roosters were spending their day at the pumpkin patch in the hay. Sadie was thrilled. She picked out yet another pumpkin (along with the pumpkins she's gotten at other patches and the ones Nani grew in her garden, we have quite a collection) and we hauled it back to the wagon.

After that we ate lunch in shifts, because Sadie was too excited to sit still (especially without a high chair to lock her into place). I took her over to a big lawn area to run around and there she met Billy. Billy was a little blonde boy who is currently 20 months old (although he came just up to Sadie's ear). Sadie was thrilled to see another little kid her size (there were tons of kids running around, but most of them were at least a couple years older) and she kept running up to him. He would run towards her and then change directions at the last moment (usually they would both point at each other then) and he'd run away with Sadie in hot pursuit.

Sadie went back over to visit everyone eating for a few minutes (which apparently gave Billy the chance to miss her) and when we went back he was thrilled to see her. So thrilled, in fact, that he ran up and hugged her and then tried to give her a kiss. Sadie froze when he hugged her and then took of at a run when he tried to kiss her! And then they were back to running around together, like two peas in a pod (and it was quite a lot of work keeping up with that little pod).

Then it was home just in time for a nap and a phone call from Daddy who was at class when Sadie almost had her first kiss!

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