Friday, October 16, 2009

Vote for Sadie for Cutest Bunny!

I can't help it. I see a cute baby contest and my motherly pride gets the better of me and I just have to enter it, even though I know that there are thousands of very cute babies that are already entered and nothing will probably ever come of it. However, I took this picture and entered Sadie in the Baby Gap/Disney contest.

Any and all votes are appreciated. You can click here to go to Sadie's page and vote. They do make everyone register before they can vote, which is kind of a pain, but after you register you can go back and vote every day!

Sadie seems to be feeling a little better every day. She's still snuffly and a little cranky (and extra clumsy at times) but she also felt well enough to walk all the way over to Nini and Gigi's house today without falling. She's been running so much that it's hard to tell, but she's really getting better at walking without tripping over her own two feet.

Tomorrow we are going to pack our bags. Nani and Grumpa are taking everyone on a little trip over to the coast on Saturday. Daddy is going to drive up after his class on Saturday and we should even have time to get some geocaching in. We're hoping it doesn't rain the whole time so Sadie can do some exploring on the beach. She's bringing her little bucket and shovel!

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