Friday, October 30, 2009

Sadie's New Hat!

Here is my newest finished knitting project. It's a little beanie that I was knitting frantically so that Sadie could wear it when we went to the beach. I made the pattern up in my head as we went along, and finished it in the car right before we got to the ocean, but I should have made it just an inch longer. It didn't stay on Sadie's head for very long, despite the fact that it's identical to one that I usually wear (and she usually wants to wear what Mommy's wearing). Now I'm frantically trying to finish the cable knit sweater I've been working on because I want to wear it with my holiday dress!

Sadie finds some foam on the beach and points at it. Moments later she decides it needs to be stomped.

Exploring in the sand.

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