Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sadie's New Cousin!

Sadie is proud to announce that she is no longer the littlest cousin! As of today she has a new baby cousin named Ryan, who lives all across the country on the east coast.

Sadie doesn’t get to see any of her cousins very often. Half of them live in Massachusetts and the other half live in Texas. However, we have made an effort to make sure that Sadie knows all about her cousins. Every day, several times a day, Sadie goes over to the refrigerator and demands to be picked up. The front and side of the refrigerator are covered with pictures of family near and far and one of Sadie’s favorite activities is pointing out pictures as we name them. She looks at all of the pictures of her cousins and at the pictures of her grandparents.

These days we all have a hard time competing with the coupons from Chuck E. Cheese that were clipped out of the paper earlier this month (because they have a picture of Chuck E. right there on the front) and Sadie also loves looking at the picture of her sitting on Santa’s lap (we’re hoping that since she’s looked at that picture every day for months and months she may skip the being afraid of Santa phase that so many little ones go through).

Congratulations to the proud parents on their new arrival! We can’t wait to see pictures!

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