Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Interview with An Abortionist

The Examiner.com has posted an interview with an abortionist. It's hard to believe that any person, atheist or otherwise, can speak these words in all seriousness (then again, it's most certainly not a joking matter). I've posted segments from the interview in red and my thoughts in black. Let us continue to pray that this monstrous evil comes to an end.

Q: What is your response to the 40 Days for Life protest taking place outside your clinic?

Abortion is an issue to me that - scientifically, ethically, politically, legally - in my heart of hearts I favor legal, properly-performed abortions. Anybody who demonstrates against us, in my experience - and it's always tied to some religious organization - to me, they are no different than Osama bin Laden and his creed. Because you cannot talk to them, their minds are closed, they think that God talks to them, which in my point of view is psychotic.

I feel sorry for them, for all who walk down that road of brainwashing, but you know, some people are just susceptible to brainwashing. But despite that, no religious terrorism will stop me from doing what I think is the scientifically right thing to do.

We're psychotic for believing that ripping a child limb from limb inside it's mother's womb, is wrong... Apparently this man is "susceptible" to the secular brainwashing that says that killing children is acceptable.

Q: Your website describes abortion as an "important medical procedure." Can you expand on that?

Well, it's a philosophical question. But to us, ethically, having an early abortion and taking birth control pills are the same procedure, because certain types of birth control prevent the development of a fertilized egg and leads to miscarriage.

Which is one of the reasons why taking the pill is not a morally acceptable method of family planning.

If you consider a fertilized egg a pregnancy, which religious people do, then taking certain birth control pills is just as much an abortion as anything else. It's somewhat interesting that many people who would demonstrate against an abortion service think nothing of taking birth control pills. Ethically, you cannot differentiate between the two.

And it is highly unfortunate that many people don't know this fact.

Second, in a certain patient population, an early abortion is a safer, better birth-control method than even taking birth control pills. So, from a medical point of view, there is no scientific or ethical argument that you could come up with against early pregnancy termination. As long as humans have recreational sex they will need abortion. As long as some pregnancies are abnormal, we will need abortion. You can't get around it.

It's funny that from a "medical point of view" there's no "ethical argument." I'm always amazed that someone who went to medical school to help people (one hopes) wouldn't have an ethical problem with ending a life. Of course he deals with euthanasia later in the interview. His lack of qualms in regard to ending lives are not limited to unborn children.

Q: Your website mentions you offer counseling. Does your clinic offer literature, or do you talk about other options, such as adoption, with the women who come in?

Well, adoption is very simple, if they are interested we discuss it. It's sort of a misconception in some circles that ladies who choose pregnancy termination would be interested in adoption, that's one thing people don't understand.

Abortion is birth control. Adoption is giving up your child and not accepting your duties as a mother. Most women are not interested in that. It's only in a religiously-altered mind that that's a true option

Adoption is "not accepting your duties as a mother" and abortion is "birth control"? I would say that adoption is loving your child enough to give it the gift of life, while abortion is cold blooded murder. I imagine that many who were given life by mothers who then gave them up for adoption would have a problem with this reasoning.

I think it's funny that he says that most women aren't interested in "not accepting their duties as a mother" but are totally fine with killing their own child.

Q: It seems that the debate over abortion hinges on a central question: at what point do you believe that a fetus becomes a human being?

Well, as long as you have an early abortion, that's birth control. If you have a late-term abortion, that's euthanasia. I mean c'mon, let's face it. You do an abortion at 30 weeks, you know, you could do a C-section and you have a little baby in your hands. That's euthanasia.
But euthanasia is something that's coming, you know. I mean c'mon. It already exists in Holland, Belgium and Switzerland.

The line between euthanasia and murder is very, very thin.

Q: And what's your opinion of state-sanctioned euthanasia?
It's coming, I mean, you can't avoid it. You can cry against it, but it's a necessity. The only way you can control suffering and dying a most miserable death is by properly developed, medically-supervised euthanasia.

There you have it, the value of human life as described by an abortionist.


  1. That is absolutely horrifying. My husband and I are not practicing Christians, but we were both raised in the faith (in some form or another) and believe that children are a blessing. We have a wonderful 7 month old girl and another child on the way. I had previously been using birth control, but went off it for emotional reasons (it made me slightly nuts) and now that I know what I do about it, I will not go on it again.

  2. Hi Joanna,
    Before I converted I was on it too and it made me really nuts! I had such dramatic mood swings! In hindsight it makes sense, that taking hormones would dramatically affect moods, but it took a while for me to make the connection. Congratulations on your little one and on your little one who's on the way!

  3. How sick. The guy is completely void of any sense of ethics. As long as things are legal they are ok. Many people think like that - the law supposedly has the capacity to obliterate morality. It's just us "religious nuts" who dare question the law.

    As for birth control, I used to be on the pill too before I fully accepted the teaching of the church on those matters. I always felt a bit strange, like something in my emotions wasn't quite right. Getting off that thing was liberating.

  4. For Pete's sake. Sure, "children are a blessing" ...to people who want children and have the means to support them. To others, an unwanted pregnancy is nothing less than a mightmare. If you want to stop abortions, YOU HAVE TO SUPPORT EFFECTIVE BIRTH CONTROL. It's nothing less than inhumane to insist that women be slaves to their reproductive organs. My god, if children are such blessings, how can you seriously condemn any female child to grow up to be only a mindless breeder of more children?

    Ah, why do I bother. The doctor is right: you're all just Jesus zombies, and if you ever knew how to think, you offered that up to your god a long time ago. Do whatever you want in your lives, I don't care, but you people will NEVER be victorious in denying women the right to bodily autonomy. NEVER.

  5. Hi Natasa,

    I completely agree. I have wondered if there's any connection between the divorce rate in our country and the fact that so many women pump their bodies full of artificial hormones. I know that when I was taking ABC I was so moody and I took it out on my husband a lot! I calmed down so much when I stopped taking it and the hormones worked their way out of my body!

  6. Anonymous-

    Where to begin... I guess I should begin with what is needed the most...a prayer. Dear Lord please guide all of us and turn the hearts of those who can not see that the murder of innocent children is a great evil, regardless of the circumstances.

    I'm always torn when deciding whether or not to publish anonymous comments. If someone is so ashamed of what they have to say that they can't put their name next to it, should I post it on my blog. On the other hand, on the off chance that the writer of these words stumbles back across my blog, I would like to have a response to their comments. So, here goes.

    Children are always a blessing. Is the life of an adult whose parents did not seek to conceive them, any less valuable than the life of an adult whose parents were planning on having children? No. Every unborn child has the same right to their own life.

    As someone who would be considered very "poor" by our secular standards (we live in a 150 square foot cabin with no running water) I can say that even without "means" children are a gift from God.

    Any woman with a thermometer can become proficient at NFP. And while there are cases of "accidents" I know quite a few "accidents" that took place with friends and relatives who were on the pill. I also know "accidents" that occurred despite condom use.

    A little bit of knowledge and awareness can keep women from being "slaves to their reproductive organs." Although I guess that takes a bit of self control too, which doesn't seem to be to popular in our day and age.

    Perhaps you should scroll down the blog a bit further and find the graph that shows the statistics about the number of people in our great nation who support abortion. It seems that the number is dropping quickly these days. And since we do still live in a democracy it is fully possible that the sanctity of human life will prevail.

    Prayers for you. Believe me, I know how you feel. I used to believe the exact same things. Before I realized that so much of the secular garbage we're fed is just that, garbage.

    Prayerfully coming too a conclusion is far from mindless. Blessedly it seems that many of our fellow Americans are coming to the same conclusion these days!

  7. To me anonymous sounds like an aging feminist who is angry and confused about the younger generation's rejection of the feminist manifesto.

    It's truly sad that some people go through life not understanding at all why motherhood and mothers are the cornerstone of society. To relegate motherhood to mindless Jesus freak zombies who don't think are the cries of one living in a secluded ivory tower. One who is afraid to truly engage this world.


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